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Birthdate:Aug 31
Location:California, United States of America
Website:WhiteBird's Dragons Productions
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I am Tobbie WhiteBird Crowe also known as Jinxiebell, a humble poet and maker of dragons... I may be also a writer but I am horrible at talking about myself, but here goes, I make dragons, felt masks and bisque that I sell at science fiction conventions. Been going to conventions since 1978, I have worked conventions as security, registration, worked and ran masquerades, made and sold my jewelry as a dealer, but found a I liked being in the art shows more... I have been making dragons off and on for twenty years, but only got serious about it in the last five. I find making dragons relaxing, although I tend to see things I can add to them almost everywhere I go. I have published two poems and am working on a couple of stories. (I am a big multi taster, can't just do one thing at a time.) Mainly I spend my time helping people, and my art work is a de-stresser from this. I live in southern California fifteen minutes from Disneyland with my brother Steve, sister Paula, two of my middle children; Joshua and Beth Rose, Josh's girlfriend Desaree, two parakeets; Easter and Cloud, two Pekingeses, Sir Daniel Robin and Sir Darvy Donovan Puck,many cats; four which are mine and rescue kittys, Angel Mow Mow, Spice a Roni, Feisty Frosty Snowflake and Shilo Shiro, Beth Rose's kitten Kawaii, Josh's kitten Tsume and Desaree's cat Sukura. And a great many finches, (I stop counting at 18)Three bettas and a gold fishand a new baby bunny Peter Percival.
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