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Thursday, April 21st, 2011 12:53 am

So we have to have a bunch of work done on the house. It’s over 47 years old and was a tract house, so it’s showing some wear. We have done small things here and there over the last ten years but really; it’s over due for a major overhaul.


We had the house painted last year and my brother put in two new fences and three gates. (Still waiting for half of one of those gates.) And this year his Mom decided to help out with the rewiring, new heating and cooling and other stuff that needs to be replaced.


So its decided the whole house needs to be rewired which is no surprise to us, as when you blew one fuse three rooms would go out and it got really annoying. So the electricians make plans to come and replace the wiring, only everyone in the house came down with the bronchitis from hell, and my brother isn’t letting anything go in unless he watches what they are doing. So we put it off for a week. The week goes by and they finally start work. They start on the garage and outside which makes much noise but doesn’t impact on life that greatly other than we had to empty the garage into the back yard. They were suppose to do my brothers room, bathroom and bar area off the garage first, but as it has no crawl space they decide to skip up to the main floor first… without warning me or my daughter, of course. So they move stuff in the living room all out into the middle of the floor so they can get to the plugs… and then haven’t showed up for two days to do anything, and they left after a half day Monday. They have suppose to have been working for ten days now, and when I counted up the days they weren’t here, only one of which they called about, they have only been working five and a half. And Mom’s management company wants to know why it’s taking so long…O~o


Really, I am more than happy to move stuff around so they can put holes in my walls to rewire, but I kind of thought the idea was they were actually going to do the work as we went. I can’t even get through my living room, my work room can’t be worked in because it’s on the same floor with the Living Room and Kitchen and they want to do them all at once. They refused to say when they are coming upstairs so stuff got moved around there too. And now were in limbo because they didn’t show up, no one called, the house is chaos and I can’t do art. Stress is not good for any of us and now I am getting pissed as well. I’d love to tell them so, but they kind of have to actually show up for me to do so.


I knew this year was going to be hell, I just didn’t know it was going to be limbo as well.


Sigh, Spooty workmen…

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 01:55 pm (UTC)
SO sorry hon...it's frustrating to have work done!