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shinryou: (Default)
Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 01:17 am
In 2009 a cousin I hadn't heard from in so many years I lost count, emails me to say he thinks I am his long lost cousin.
As I have lived in the city of Orange for at least twenty plus years and in this house I am in now for over half; I simply wrote back that I was never lost and anyone could Google my name and find me, its not hard I have googled myself so I know.
He seem to take offence at my dry sarcasm and didn't write again... until today.

So today I get a mass family email telling me my old school (which I only went to for first through fourth grade) was being torn down and would I like to buy a brick from it... Really?
Mind you said brick is fifty bloody dollars for said old used brick... REALLY??

Mind you it was a mass emailing... but still...
No happy hoildays, no Merry Christmas, no how the hell are you...
Just would you like to give the school fifty bucks for an old used brick.

I am endlessly amused by the so called thinking of the people in this world, even more so from those who are suppose to be from the same blood as me.

And no...
I am not buying a fifty dollar used brick from a school I haven't seen in over forty plus years.