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June 27th, 2011

shinryou: (Default)
Monday, June 27th, 2011 03:55 pm

So I am a fairly easy going person as a whole.

I like to help people and be kind in general.

Don't really like to start trouble or be mean.

I really don't like people who play games and manipulate because I grew up with that, and I always hated it.

But just because I don't like to play, doesn't mean I don't know how.

Nor does it mean I'm not gonna notice when you’re trying to play me.

In fact, it tends to piss me off!

It takes a lot to get me really mad and annoyed, but when you do, I don't play nice and I don't play fair.

So in general I try to avoid things that are going to annoy me to the point I actually have to stand up and do something about it.

But damn, when you rub my face in it for all week long, I am starting to get annoyed.

Look I get that you’re somewhat gaga over my old boyfriend.

I get that you think he is the end all of end all, your new Prince Charming.

I realize the fact that he still thinks I am wonderful probably annoys you more than just a bit.

But for pity sake women, I have known him for twenty seven years and he's one of my dearest and closest friends, old boyfriend or not.

And frankly no offence to you, but I have seen your kind come and go with him over the years to the point that I stopped keeping score.

He's not the kind who settles down, he's not the kind who can ever stay faithful to just one women, he's the King of broken dates with a beautiful set of excuses that should be set down in stone they are so good. He lies though his teeth and laughs when you catch him at it and admits he lied. (Gotta love a cheerful lier) And he is the world’s greatest charmer even when you know he only means half of it.

This is just who he is.

He aint gonna change for no one.

Were still friends and close, because I am the only women he has ever known who knows these truths about him and doesn't care.

I am the only woman he knows who accepts him just the way he is and doesn't try to change him.

I am the only women he knows who loves him faults and all and is usually kind of amused even when he’s acting like a toad.

I am also the only women who will tell him to his face when he's being a cad and stupid, and who doesn't get mad when he ignores me.

There is no way in the universe he is ever going to let go of me as a friend. So deal with it.

I hope your relationship works; it would be nice if he could stop running around. But I am not holding my breath.

I am NOT a threat. His wild untamable nature is the threat.

So bloody well stop sending me stupid facebook messages about how wonderful you think he is and how I am his past.

Stop trying to pretend to be all friendly like while in reality you’re trying to tell me to clear off.

All that does is make me dig in my heels so I can watch the fireworks when it all falls apart... again.

I know you care deeply for him, they all do at the start, it lasts till they finally realize, he just aint gonna change.

Then comes the tears, the pain the phone calls and crying on my shoulder.

Let’s just pass on this whole game shell we.

He is never going to give up our friendship and I am never going to get in the way of his relationships’.

So as for you and him... all I can say at this point is...

Good luck with that... your gonna need it!