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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 11:43 am

Yes I fall a lot, that fact is pretty much established. I have chronic dizziness and no depth perception so grace is not a word one can apply to me for the most part. However it has been my experience that most people when it comes to stairs, tend to trip and fall down them. I use to do that a lot as a child, the falling down them part. I was sixteen before I learned people could actually die from falling down stairs. I thought they all just got up and walked away like I did.


Since we moved into our present house, ten years ago, I have so far managed not to fall down any of the stairs. Which is a pretty good feat; considering it’s a tri-level house with several sets of stairs both inside and out. Everyone else in the house has fallen at least once or twice. The closest I ever came was missing the last two to three steps going down which resulted in a huge jump on my part and a heck of a lot of noise which scared the cats and rest of the humans in the house.


So today I broke my record by tripping and falling… UP the stairs… hard. Witch while it may not break your neck, hurts a hell of a lot more when you land on your arm on the edge of the steps. So now my arm is black and blue and my shoulder blade is reminding me with throbbing pain it’s not happy with what I did. Which is just as well as the new heater and AC is being put in today, and as its right outside my bedroom door, I am pretty much trapped in my room till they are done.


Guess the universe decided today was a day of rest whether I wanted it to be or not…