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Monday, April 4th, 2011 09:11 pm

So went to new Rheumatology doctor today. She was very through. She said I had some slight Osteoporosis in my hands and then ordered a whole bunch of tests. I got fourteen blood tests and a urinalysis done, then went to x-ray and got neck back and knees done.  It’s probably the more through testing I have done in quite a long time. I was impressed and I don’t impress easily.


I guess my hands are less nimble than they use to be and maybe a bit stiffer. But as all the other pains I go through hurt much more I hadn’t really noticed it until now. It’s not really a big deal as at least they no longer shake. That was far more annoying that a little stiff. When they shook (from a pinched nerve) I couldn’t do art or write. Heck I couldn’t even hold a glass without it flying across the room. I can write and do art now. Slightly stiff just makes me more careful when painting.


It’s all good.